When I write a letter my workflow is like this. I type sentence. Some words end up underlined red. I right click on the underlined words and select the correct spelling.

The problem is that the quality of suggestions that I get is really low. Often, the correct spelling is not suggested even though it's one or two edit operation away. When I paste the same misspelled word into google, it finds the correct spelling immediately. That, of course, is prohibitively time consuming. I mean, if general search the internet performs better, the built in algorithm is really awful

So, how can I improve the quality of spelling suggestions? Is there a way to plug in a different algorithm or a different dictionary?

  • What apps are you talking about? Office and some others use totally different stuff than what apple provides. – Tom Gewecke Jun 14 '17 at 23:43

A possible alternative is Spellcatcher X.


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