I am using outlook.com for my own email "mydomain.info" but I can not add an account in Apple Mail. I have searched in Ask Different for similar questions. I got this: Personal domain email using Outlook.com on Apple Mail

I have exact the same problem but the accepted answer doesn't work for me. My domain is "domain.info". I never configured an account successfully in Apple Mail from Maverick to Yosemite and now El Capitan.


Since you don't provide any more info about your email service, you must do some of the next:

  • Go to your TLD admin panel, must of them already have documentation about how to configure this.
  • Can you access it via web? something like webmail.MyDomain.info? if so, there could be some documentation in there too.
  • have you already tried adding your account via

Settings > Internet Accounts > Add ( + button) > Add Other Account...

Most of the times this should work

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