I am using outlook.com for my own email "mydomain.info" but I can not add an account in Apple Mail. I have searched in Ask Different for similar questions. I got this: Personal domain email using Outlook.com on Apple Mail

I have exact the same problem but the accepted answer doesn't work for me. My domain is "domain.info". I never configured an account successfully in Apple Mail from Maverick to Yosemite and now El Capitan.


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Since you don't provide any more info about your email service, you must do some of the next:

  • Go to your TLD admin panel, must of them already have documentation about how to configure this.
  • Can you access it via web? something like webmail.MyDomain.info? if so, there could be some documentation in there too.
  • have you already tried adding your account via

Settings > Internet Accounts > Add ( + button) > Add Other Account...

Most of the times this should work

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