My iPhone 5S with 9.1 is displaying 09:41 when it's actually 18:29 local time.

It doesn't seems to be a time channel problem 9:12 is a weird difference (I'm currently in GMT+1).

  • I've noticed this also happens when using Quicktime to play iDevice audio through the computer, per apple.stackexchange.com/a/192910/5029. The time at the top of the displays changes to 9:41, and the phone service provider's logo changes to a wifi symbol. – Kenster Mar 3 '16 at 21:14

EHHHH was connected to my Mac with the video stream launched in QuickTime (my iPhone was the input).

9:41 is the "famous" time displayed during the keynotes :)

Quitting the video stream solves the problem.

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  • Nice find! 09:40 is 'one more thing' time! – CousinCocaine Nov 3 '15 at 18:36

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