For latest release of Numbers for iPad, it seems that it doesn't remember the active cell when I close the spreadsheet.

I have spreadsheets with many (several hundred) rows and in previous releases, when I close and then re-open the sheet, it would remember what cell I had been in and display at that point again.

Now, every time I close and re-open the sheet, it displays a cell somewhere near the top of the sheet and I then have to swipe loads of times to get back to the bottom where I want to add a new row.

Has anyone else noticed this behavior and do you have a solution?

Many thanks

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It appears that this was a known issue.

The latest version released today (2015-11-11) Version 2.6.1 has this note:

  • Resolves and issue where spreadsheets would not open back to their last saved positions.

See if updating to this latest version solves your issue.

Release notes Numbers 2.6.1

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