On one Mac in my household I develop applications with various tools like Jekyll or Meteor. They usually have their own default ports for their development web servers; Jekyll uses 4000, Meteor 3000, and so.

So on that Mac I'd go to (or localhost instead of the IP address) to access my application. I have another Mac on the same LAN and I'd like to see that too. I thought it'd just be (for example), but that's not working. Pinging that IP works fine though, and so does SSHing (if I enable it in Sharing). I thought the therefore would just translate to that Mac's localhost and the ports and HTTP would work fine.. I'm clearly missing something.

They're both pretty much fresh Macs: not much installed software. The firewall was off by default. I couldn't see anything in System Preferences > Sharing that seemed appropriate. How can I get port working?

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This may be considered a duplicate question as I arrived at the solution from this answer.. I didn't give up searching, sorry about that.

To help others I'll mention what I got wrong.

I didn't have to change any firewall or sharing settings - it was to do with where the application was being hosted. I assumed that when I viewed from the other Mac, it'd magically map to the host's that is not the case!

So instead I explicitly hosted the application on instead of and it worked fine!

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