I'm currently downloading the update for iMovie (2 GB) and Xcode (3.5 GB). Other similiar producs are maybe several 100 MBs, but for the full software, not just an update.

  • What makes those updates so extremely large?
  • Do they typically replace existing files or do they actually consume additional 2 or 3 GB on my harddisk?

Almost all apps downloaded from the Apps Store are full (self-containing) updates or upgrades. They completely replace the updated app.

The only exception updating your system with the App Store.app are security updates (e.g Security Update 2015-002) or system updates (e.g. System Update 10.11.1 or Combo Update 10.10.5) which don't necessarily replace an app/framework/resource but often only parts of it.

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    this is really awful I choose not to upgrade at all, really wish xcode could have incremental/patch update instead full update. – buncis Oct 31 '19 at 14:37

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