Clicking on the Wifi icon in the menu bar while pressing and holding the option key presents the user with a different and detailed view. The option-key is a nice feature. It works on a lot of the menu bar icons as well (sound and bluetooth).

enter image description here

I'd be nice if I could set this feature as the default action when interacting with those menu bar items.

How can I set this to be the default action on El Capitan?

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Until now I've only found a workaround:

Install BetterTouchTool and create a special trackpad gesture or mouse gesture to invoke an option+click. In the example below I use the trackpad and a 3 finger double-tap in Global to do that:

enter image description here

From now on a 3 finger double-tap on the Wi-Fi menulet (and other menulets) will reveal the advanced or detailed view.

  • creative solution though I'd probably want to opt for pressing the keyboard button than install a new software to handle one thing. Regardless, Thanks for your contribution! I may consider it in the end
    – Sgnl
    Commented Nov 4, 2015 at 18:42

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