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The Notes 4 app bundled with El Capitan is revamped. It now includes a checklist feature. This feature becomes available after you agree to "upgrade" (convert) your existing data.

Is there some way to re-order the items in a checklist?

I tried dragging, but I cannot find any thing on which to click to initiate the drag. I looked at the context menu, but no such item. The main menus offer a Format > Mark as Checked item, but nothing about moving items.


Drag and drop worked for me (OS Version: 10.11.1 (15B42)):

  1. Here is the list

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  1. Select the line item that you want to move

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3.Drag it to the new place (using cmd click)

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Unfortunately, there is no real functionality for re-ordering checklist items; these cannot be rearranged properly through dragging or any other shortcut in the latest version of Notes (Notes 4.0 on El Capitan).

At present, the checklists should be treated like interactive bullet points. They can only be selected and moved around in the same way that text can; I have experimented with the feature thoroughly.

Re-orderable lists can be suggested to Apple via their standard Feedback form.


Triple click on a line, then move the cursor the the beginning of the line where you want to put it(it will move the selected item before that line). You cannot move a line to the one that's bellow, because it is already before that line.

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