I am trying to renew my developer account.
I have added my credit card information and submitted to Apple Online. But apple says:

We have received your purchase request for Enrollment ID; however, your credit card number is not supported by our automated order system.

You can either submit a new order online using a different credit card or complete the enclosed purchase form and fax it to us.

But I am not finding anywhere on the portal or their website the referenced form.
Can anyone please help me with this? Where can I obtain that form?

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This issue is specific to your credit card details and Apple Developer Program Membership, and as such, may require an Apple Representative to investigate on your behalf.

The "purchase form" may be attached to a notification email that you have been sent from Developer Relations as a PDF, which can be printed off and faxed accordingly.

If you are unsure of where this form is, or have any other queries about your renewal, I would suggest that you visit the Contact section of the Apple Developer website and click on the Apple Developer Program Support link underneath the Enrollment and Account heading to get in touch with a Representative.

  • Thanx for Reply, No its not attached in Email, I have contact Apple for same, Waiting for there email. Oct 27, 2015 at 13:05
  • @Dilip No problem! It's good to hear that you've contacted Apple. Hopefully the Developer Relations team will be able to resolve the issue and get your Enrolment ID sorted out.
    – AruAkise
    Oct 27, 2015 at 13:09

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