I'm aware that if you want to type a character from extended Latin alphabet in OS X (like in the word über), you just press the basic symbol key for a while and then a popup occurs with the list of extended symbols.

But, I would like to type this letter in uppercase. I press the symbol key (for Example U + Shift), then see the character popup. Then I press the number of the required symbol, although I am given an @ sign instead of the uppercase Ü.

How can I type capital letters with accents? I don't want to copy and paste symbols that I require every time from the web or developer console.


Hold the shift key then the number corresponding. It works just fine. I think you are forgetting to let go of the shift before hitting the number. Hence the unexpected output.

Type diacritics

Hold shift+U then, after popup let go of the shift key and hit the corresponding number.
Ü ← result

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    Or, if you have a numeric keypad, press the number there, even if you are still holding the shift. – GEdgar Oct 27 '15 at 14:10
  • @GEdgar good one. For example, the Apple wired keyboard. – bjbk Oct 27 '15 at 14:12

I've been looking for a while for the answer but didn't get lucky. It turned out that you have to press the basic symbol key for a while to request the system popup.

When holding Shift and basic letter key, press left/right arrows to choose necessary symbol. Then when you choose, press Enter key.

So for Æ sign you have to press Shift + A + right/left arrow.

That's it. Now you can type ÜBÊR and so on.

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