How can I make something that looks like this?

-------- Text ---------

where the horizontal rules extend to the margin on either side?

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With Pages it helps to think in terms of layers. Combinations of Text Boxes and Line graphics layered and arranged, should achieve the desired result. Determine beforehand if the graphic and text box should cause wrapping and/or move with the rest of the text in the document or remain static.

Create a Horizontal Rule with Text Centered

  • Add a Line graphic to the canvas (Just one line will do)

Add Graphic to document

  • Position the line horizontally to the desired width
  • Set the Object Placement properties in the Arrange tab on the Inspector as desired.

Object placement inspector

  • Add a Text Box setting the Text style Alignment properties to Center and Middle

Text box inspector settings

  • IMPORTANT: Change the background color from None to a color matching your document's background. (White typically)
  • Set the Object Placement properties as desired
  • Position the text box over the line. Use the alignment guides to center on the page

Desired result - text centered over a horizontal rule

By using layers, one can create many interesting effects. Some of them can be explored by examining the built in templates.

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    Jul 27, 2017 at 6:13

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I don't know if it helps, I use Pages quite a lot, and when I run into layout problems I tend to resort to a Text Box. Then place/extend the box to whatever I require. Use the Arrange function, Object placement, "Stay on Page". Text Wrap, "None", Allowing me to move the box to required location. Also with the facility of moving the box, close to or over any other object or typing.

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