When I try to add a Shortcut like this

System Preferences->Keyboard->Shortcuts->App Shortcuts->+->Some title->

I cannot use ^Z as Keyboard Shortcut. It is automatically replaced by

  1. Shift (illustrated as arrow-up)
    followed by
  2. Command (illustrated by the Command key symbol) followed by a
  3. Y

I guess this is because the shortcut is taken. But I couldn't find where. I checked all the other item above "App Shortcuts", i.e. "Accessibility", "Spotlight", ...

How can I check which app is using it and how can I force the system to use my shortcut?

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just a guess… but sounds like something might have a custom map to "Undo" because Cmd/z & Cmd/shift/Y are alternates for Undo.

For it to be auto-replacing inside system prefs would make me think it is not a system key command, but a third party, Karabiner, TypeIt4Me etc

  • Yes, you were right. For others having the same problem: check karabiner, and BetterSnapTool Commented Oct 26, 2015 at 7:21

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