My MacBook Pro 11,2 (Retina 2014) shuts down suddenly from time to time. When I run macbook again, I inspect the log file I see the following message:

Previous shutdown cause: -128

Sometime, when I close a laptop, fans begin to hard work. It happens with/without power adapter. I launched Diagnostic and I got 'NO ISSUE'.

When I run macbook in SafeBoot, all work correctly, but very slowly.

I tried:

  1. Reset SMC, PRAM.
  2. ERASE Disk and install macOS from scratch.

Also, I tried to remove battery and use the power adapter only. In this case it work correctly, but sometime I get another error (It happens rarely).

Macbook pro 11,2 Retina 2014 (15 Display) Intel Core i7 2,2 GHz RAM 16 GB SSD 256 GB


I saw a Mac do a similar thing and it turned out to be the logic board. Unfortunately, you might have to take your Mac to the Apple Store or a computer shop for them to replace it.


The shutdown cause -128 is related to the hardware issue. It may be related to RAM, although it can be also related to battery time span (it surpassed the end of its life).

See also: Shutdown Cause -128 & Are OS X shutdown cause and sleep cause numbers listed/explained anywhere?

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