I have 2 iphones and today I had an experiment; from Find my Iphone App I have turned on lost mode in one of my phones and then I've erased it. Now I see

"This iPhone has been lost. Please call me.

"1421421"(my phone number)

on its screen and its not possible to do anything with it. Couldn't find a solution after checking icloud and some search. Anybody have an idea how I can take it back?


You can use the PIN to unlock the device and connect to the internet (if needed)

Then open the find my phone app and go to that device.

Tap/select Turn Off Lost Mode

Alternatively, connect it to iTunes to complete the unlock on that device. Worst case, you have a chance to try backing it up (assuming you don't have a current backup). At that point, you can restore the device in iTunes.

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