I recently got a Macbook Pro for work, and am pretty new to the platform. One of the annoying things I noticed, is that after I configured all of my Gmail accounts, I started automatically getting these "alert" e-mails for calendar appointments.

I don't want Mail or Calendar to send me alert e-mails, because I already get them directly from Google.

My question is: How can I disable these alert e-mails from occurring?


It is indeed Mac Calendar problem as author of the question suggested.

I faced the same issue and observed that I get these nasty "Alert - ..." emails only when Mac wakes up. I also did not get them before I started using my Mac.

To solve the problem on macOS 10.12.3:

  • Open Calendar app
  • Find your Google calendar on the list and right mouse click it
  • Select "Get Info" option from the context menu
  • Mark "Ignore alerts" checkbox in the popup window (see screenshot). enter image description here

It's Gmail [or rather Google Calendar] that sends the annoying emails, not Apple Mail/Calendar itself.

Try https://calendar.google.com/ & change your settings per calendar via 'Edit notifications'...

enter image description here

enter image description here

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