I'm trying reduce my drive space requirement. I discovered /Library/Updates is taking up a lot of space.

After a quick Google, I found /Library/Updates is used to store system updates file which have not been applied.

So is it safe to clean up /Library/Updates?

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Theoretically, there should only be updates in that folder until you actually run the updates, then they should be cleared - so my first suggestion would be to check the App Store app & run any pending updates from there, reboot, then recheck the folder.

Anything left over at that point ought to be safe to delete, though I would retain the index.plist PPDVersions.plist & ProductMetadata.plist files, if present, unless you are having general updating issues, as I suspect they are designed to accurately track the update state.

  • After running the updates, will the net amount of available storage be around the same as it was before the update? Apr 26, 2021 at 5:26

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