I am a new Macbook user, which is exciting but alas confusing as well. I am trying to add favorites in the side bar under Finder. I read that one can just drag and drop from Applications as in this thread - How can I add new folders to the Favorites in the Finder sidebar?.

However, when I have done it, it does not stick and the icon just goes back into the Applications list as if I have not done anything.

Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong or why this isn't working?


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Although this tip does not add Application Alias' to the Sidebar, they can be added to the toolbar.

Add Application Shortcuts (Alias') to the Finder Toolbar

  • Open 2 Finder Windows (From Finder use +N)
  • Be sure one of them is showing your Applications Folder and both can be seen on screen together
  • Using the other Finder Window, right click or option+click in the toolbar area and select Customize Toolbar... from the dropdown. (This can also be accessed from the Menu - View > Customize Toolbar...)
  • Drag your desired application from the first window (your Applications Folder) to the Toolbar on the Finder Window being edited. Select Done button and all Finder Windows will now display your favorite Apps for quick access. See the screenshots below.

Toolbar options

Toolbar with Apps


You can only add favorites Directories to the finder sidebar.

But you can add some favorites applications on the Dock : https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201730


command-drag the application to the Favorite Sidebar. Although, since Ventura, dragging stuff onto these apps does not work anymore.

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