I'm using Yosemite. I have two external displays with several spaces (I like the idea one app per space). Sometimes I want to move focus to another display without using a mouse. I have few solutions but they are not ideal.

  • cmd+F4 Move focus to next or another window in System Preferences - it moves focus but mouse still stays on previous display so moving spaces does not work properly (ctrl+or moves spaces on previous display)

  • BetterTouchTool can move mouse, but mouse position should be hardcoded. What is more moving a mouse does not cause moving the focus, you should click additionally and it's not always good

  • ctrl+n can move to n space, but it does not work if space is opened on another screen e.g. if space 1 is focused on display 1 and space 2 is opened on display 2 then pressing ctrl+2 does not move focus, but pressing ctrl+3 and then ctrl+2 does (if space 3 is created on display 2)

Do you have any ideas?


Nevermind, I found an app which does it - Amethyst. I've been looking for something like that for ages

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