Is it possible to copy iMovie 9 from my OS X Yosemite MacBook and install it in a new MacBook I am yet to buy and will have OS X El Capitan and iMovie 10?

iMovie 10 has very limited export options compared to iMovie 9. So I would like to copy iMovie 9 from my old computer to my new computer. If this is not possible, is there any other way to install iMovie 9 on El Capitan that already has iMovie 10 installed?

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Yes. iMovie.app copied from older computer to newer computer with El Capitan works.

(Apple store employee said it would not. Confirmed that it is wrong)


Do not upgrade to El Capitan if you want to use iMovie 9. It will not support still photos in your video. And if you try to type a title into your video iMovie 9 will crash.


Don't. I was told by Apple tech that iMovie 9 was not designed to work with El Capitan.

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    I was able to install it on a new Macbook with El Capitan and my simple video editing and exporting works just like before.
    – apricot
    Nov 20, 2015 at 21:58

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