I have an old Mac Air 1,1 that has Office for Mac 2011 installed on it. I paid for the software and it installed the version on my machine. I don't have access to my live.microsoft.com account anymore and there's no way for me to get MicroSoft people/support to give me the keys again.

I need a way to extract the keys from my current installation of Office on my mac. For instance, in Windows, the keys used to be loaded in the registry at a certain place, under a certain key. Some programs could fetch them for you. Is there any such way I can do it for a Mac?


I dont know if this one works for all applications, mainly because there is no set standard to store product keys, but Mac Product Key Finder should work for you. Its how I got Photoshop and others off my school mac onto my personal.

  • That program can get the Office 2008 licenses; but, not 2011 which the user requested.
    – Kent
    Oct 15 '15 at 2:52

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