I having a big question with some icons i change. I managed to move into rootless by restarting and CMD + R to boot into Recovery, then utilities and terminal. On terminal i wrote

csrutil disable

to disable S.I.P. , after that , regular boot and opened Iconlite.app to change the icons, i changed almost all xd then i repeat the process but this time with

csrutil enable

this time to get S.I.P. and the system normal. Well, i'd change a lot of them included that HD icons that appears on Boot + OPT/ALL to select in which SO i want to start. The question is that in my user some icons still being the same BUT on guest user that icons are actually changed, i just wanna know why or how i should get that change on my user as well. The next image shows what i mean on the Finder, Safari, Calendar are different **I just forgot and i didn't change the System Preferences icon

icons comparative

Thanks in advance for any answer :)

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Sounds like the icon cache may need to be cleared. The terminal command you'll want to run is:

sudo find /private/var/folders/ -name com.apple.dock.iconcache -exec rm {} \;

..and then log out and back in.


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