This is my situation:

  • MacBook and iPhone both using Photos.app and both using iCloud Photo Library
  • Neither device has enough local storage to keep the originals, so they're both set to the Optimize Storage option
  • I'd like an automated backup solution for the photo collection in iCloud Photo Library...

I've read How do I backup photos *from* iCloud Photo Library - along with other Q&As and pages, so I'm aware I could do things like:

  • Change the location of the library on the Mac, to an external drive, and switch the setting to *Download Originals...
  • Use iCloud.com to download photos, on any machine with a big hard disk or the current Mac, to an external drive...

What I'd prefer is an automated backup process. I know that iCloud Photo Library is fairly new; does anyone know of a Mac app, or an online service, that uses a user's iCloud credentials to take regular backups?

  • Yep, photos on iCloud... As it stands the iCloud storage is the only complete copy of the photo library... I can manually execute a backup, but an automated process is the way to go... To another cloud? Yeah, possibly. Eg to a backblaze account, or similar. Or... Perhaps it could be done on a local machine, backing up to any storage that machine can see...
    – Gavin Hope
    Apr 26 '16 at 5:47

Turn on automatic backups.
Whenever plugged in, locked, and connected to wifi, the device will backup.

Call Apple if you are not sure how to turn on backups.

  • That won't solve the problem / answer the question... First of all, iCloud backup (general) is different to iCloud Photo Library. Second, neither device in my setup has the entire library stored locally... The "service" that I was hinting at would connect to the iCloud Photo Library, be set to store all the originals / download them, and update a backup every rim the library changes...
    – Gavin Hope
    Apr 26 '16 at 19:19

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