Since Resorcerer (2.4.1) won't work at all in 10.7 and later, I tried it in a virtual machine running Snow Leopard Server 10.6.8 in VMWare Fusion 6.0.6. But when I select a resource and click the Hex button, nothing happens. No error message, nothing in the Console log. I tried nuking the Resorcerer preference file and increasing the RAM assigned to the VM. Is there any way to get it to work?


Since Apple discourages the use of resource forks in new Mac OS X applications and prefers the application bundles instead, I doubt you will find that much "classical" resource forks anymore.

If you still need a similar app try Rezilla instead. It works natively at least in 10.7-10.9.

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  • I didn't say I was using resource forks. Resources can live in a data fork inside a bundle. But Rezilla does look useful, thanks for that. – JWWalker Oct 12 '15 at 19:24

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