I just got a previously used iphone from my work. However, the previous owner is still logged into their icloud account. Whenever I try to logout of their account it requires their icloud password to log out of their find my iphone. Even when I try to wipe the entire phone it requires the password, what should I do?

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Contact the pervious owner and ask them to log into iCloud themselves and release this phone.

Failing that, ask if work has this device enrolled in an MDM or to contact Apple to validate via the serial number that the device is not owned by a consumer or different company. In that case, your IT department can bypass this activation lock. If work has an HR department, they can request / require the previous owner to follow Apple's steps to release the device. Legal could bill the past employee for the replacement cost.

You probably need to just turn the device in or wait it out since bypassing the lock isn't viable.

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