Been experiencing endless issues with file sharing on Yosemite server and latest Server App (5.0.x). When a user connected to the server in the finder sidebar, it connects with SMB and they experience issues. Like read only, etc.. So, AFP is the answer... Command + K (Connect to server) and enter the server IP prefixed with afp:// works fine. However, in attempted to make it easier for the user, I would like them to use the sidebar in finder. If I turn OFF SMB for a particular share in file sharing in the server app, the share is no longer visable. Has anyone experienced the same issue? I assume the SMB only wants to work with bonjour? Can I make the default bonjour browsing use AFP?


  • SMB and AFP work without bonjour if you have the server IP. Bonjour just broadcasts the host's name to other devices. I have noticed poor SMB performance both when hosting on OS X server and when browsing from OSX to Linux and Windows shares. I have also noticed that some devices won't recognize the SMB share at all when hosted on OS X server. After googling around, I have discovered that others experienced this problem starting in Mavericks when Apple rolled their own SMB2. Jan 28 '16 at 13:56

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