The following is an image representing the source of a clipboard cut and paste operation. Actually the image shows up better in MsWord: here it is blurry

enter image description here

However it is much worse in PowerPoint when pasted either from (a) the clipboard or (b) first to Word, copy into clipboard again and then paste into Powerpoint: in fact it is truncated

enter image description here

So .. what is the deal with pasting to PowerPoint ? I am using PP for Mac 2011 v 14.1.


It seems there were a toolbar at the bottom of the screen that only shows up after you click once on the (messed up) screenshot and has an impressively unhelpful default value set. Below I show having finally randomly clicked on the correct icon:

enter image description here

Now why the picture would not be already sized properly .. well we can (un)-thank the PP designers for that.

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