I need to use my iPad mini as a computer for a while. I am planning to use an Apple TV to AirPlay mirror my iPad's display to an existing HD monitor through HDMI, but I need a good input method. I am A LOT more productive and faster using a mouse, and I only really need a web browser.

I have found that Puffin Browser might have something similar to what I need, namely, it has a "virtual trackpad," where it puts a cursor on the screen and you can swipe around in a small rectangle to move and click the cursor on the page. This is all well and good, but I would need some way of using a physical, Bluetooth mouse somehow like this. Any ideas?

  • EDIT: I am using a Bluetooth keyboard as well, which I already have gotten to work. – vasilescur Oct 3 '15 at 16:47

You have to hurdles to overcome:

  1. Apple's operating system does not pair with Bluetooth mice. You need to overcome that to use a mouse.
  2. Apple's operating system is designed for multitouch as opposed to a single pointer, each application that you use will need to handle the mouse input and juggle it with other multitouch inputs.

You can review other people's failure to use a mouse with iOS on these questions:

Basically keyboards and stylus are supported. Mice and trackpads are not currently.

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