In excel, as shown here, it is possible to find and sum only cells with have a specific value next to them.

=SUM(IF(A4:E10=A13, B4:F10, 0))

Is there a way to do a similar thing in numbers?

Specifically, I have a very long table like this:

Type of Job | Amount Earned
Labour      | 10
Labour      | 15
Office      | 27
Labour      | 10
Tutoring    | 20
Labour      | 5
Office      | 24
Tutoring    | 20

And I'd like to find out how much money I've made from jobs of type Labour, Office and Tutoring separately. I can't just sum the Amount Earned column, because that would only give me the total of all Job Types, instead I want their totals separately.

Any help appreciated!


I found out that you can use the SUMIF function to accomplish this:

SUMIF(test-range, condition, sum-range)

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