I want to find out the (average) weight of a MagSafe 85W adapter, but I could not find anything really useful on the internet. I bought an adapter that weighs about 210 grams, whereas my old one (broken) weighs a little more, 230 grams.

I'm a little worried that the new one I bought is not genuine, since I bought it from an ebay seller who stated that it's a bulk product straight from the factory and had thousands of good reviews.

I measured the weight with a kitchen scale, without the power cable attached (i.e. only the adapter) and with the cable connecting to the computer on the ground, such that it's (for the very most part) not included in the weighting. I know the latter is a bad technique, but the reason is that the old and new adapter have a different magnetic connector thing (the new one is L shaped).

It would be awesome if some of you guys could just put your adapter on a scale the same way I did it and tell me the result.


In short, you won't be able to prove it unless you had someone familiar enough with counterfeits to notice.

If genuine, it is possible that the power supplies are built by different manufacturers, or, as you've noted, that they have been changed (indicated by the different style of Magsafe connectors) which could have resulted in changes internally to the product. I doubt there is an official standard for these that would rule out a variance of 20g, unfortunately. This can be inferred by the following statement from Apple:

A replacement adapter may not be the same size, color, shape, or wattage as the original adapter that came with your computer. It should however power and charge your Mac like the adapter that originally came with your computer.

Source: Apple

Typically, a genuine Apple adapter would have the following:

  • Apple logo recessed into both sides of the adapter
  • A serial # for the adapter located below the metal plug used to grip the adapter head on the charger body
  • Regulatory, trademark, and other information on the "bottom" side of the adapter

However, the above can all be easily faked. Unless you can easily tell that the build quality is suspect, generally the only way you'll know if it is a real adapter is if you buy it directly from Apple.

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You propose an interesting data set that I have not yet found elsewhere, so I'll contribute my measurements:

My genuine magsafe 2 85W charger (included with macbook pro purchase from Apple store):

315 g = body + US two-prong wall adapter + charging cable

297 g = body + charging cable

259 g = body only (charging cable resting on ground)

My recent replacement purchase from Other World Computing (which they've told me twice is ordered in bulk direct from Apple):

261 g = body + US two-prong wall adapter + charging cable

244 g = body + charging cable

216 g = body only (charging cable resting on ground)

Both are manufactured by Liteon Technology Corporation and say 2012 (c) on the side. That's significant variation between my two chargers. So either the OWC one is fake, or Apple chargers vary significantly, or they somehow get heavier with age?


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