Suddenly my keyboard is behaving weirdly. Here's some examples of what happening:

  • Left command not working at all
  • Left option + L moves the cursor down one line
  • Left control + L moves cursor down one line
  • Left X working sporadically
  • Left X working sporadically
  • Option + T does what Option + Control + T should do
  • Control + T does what Option + Control + T should do

So the problem seems to be concentrated around the bottom left area of the keyboard.

Just before this started happening, I cleaned my keyboard with a damp cloth and also repaired computer's disk using Disk Utility. So I assume one of these things is responsible for issues.

Can anyone suggest a fix?

  • try another keyboard. if it works ok, then most likely the original one is damaged. – Tom Gewecke Oct 2 '15 at 18:15
  • is it your built-in keyboard that's the problem? Definitely not the disk repair, very likely water damage. Plenty of suggestions/tales of woe if you google macbook keyboard water damage. – CupawnTae Oct 2 '15 at 18:50
  • I don't know if you wrote "Left X working sporadically" by mistake or it's part of your keyboards strange behaviour. :P Does this also happen when you try it in a new user account? – user14492 Oct 2 '15 at 18:52
  • @user14492 did you also notice it was there twice? :) – CupawnTae Oct 2 '15 at 19:02
  • 1
    @user14492 oh, I assumed you meant the other aspect - what's a "left X"? Is there a "right X"? :-) – CupawnTae Oct 3 '15 at 14:16

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