I have a bunch of photos that I need on a single slide, and I'd like them all to be shown as circles.

Can I do that out-of-the-box with Keynote?



This works for any shape. Here's how:

  1. Draw a shape.
  2. Resize it to the desired size.
  3. Position the shape over the image.
  4. Select both by shift-clicking them.
  5. Choose FormatImageMask with Shape from the menu (these menu items are from Keynote 6.5.2, might be different for your version)
  6. Mask the image as you'd usually do (by dragging, resizing).
  7. Click Done.
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    In older versions, e.g. Keynote 09 v 5.3 (1170), it's... Format > Mask with Shape > Oval, which starts as a circle and can be sized to include both circles and ovals. – user3439894 Oct 2 '15 at 13:40

Actually, it is unnecessary to create a shape in order to mask the image.

  • Place an image on the slide
  • Select the image
  • In the Menu Bar, go to Format > Image > Mask with shape > [select shape]

Now drag the mask as desired.

Set this image as a Media Placeholder by selecting the image then, Format > Advanced > Define as Media Placeholder

Copy the image as many times as desired on the slide and then drag new images to them. The mask will be applied to the new image as well.

Masking Image menu

Apply Mask

Masked image result

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