According to Apple's Documentation, for certain operations, the user must be physically present. However, I am trying to administer a Xcode Server build box via Screen Sharing, and I can't add or remove keychain items because of this restriction. This server is inside of our corporate firewall. Is there a way to remove this restriction for this server?

In the Console, SecurityAgent gives this message when I try to Allow access to a keychain item:

Ignoring user action since the dialog has received events from an untrusted source


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If you have ssh & admin access to the server you could use the security command line tool to manipulate keychain items. It can add & delete passwords, identities and certificates, look at the security man page for the details.

I haven't tried but it looks like sudo security dump-keychain -i <keychain> may do what you want.

I suppose that you could use the security tool from the terminal via Screen Sharing if you didn't have ssh access.

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