After I upgraded to OS X EL Capitan, I need to turn iCloud Photo Library once again on my Macbook Pro, but once I tap on iCloud Photo library checkbox the Photos a[[ wants to upload my images once again. But every image now exist in my iCloud Photo Library. I do not want to upload this once again.

I had 5GB, my library was 25GB, So I bought a new plan with 50GB for 1$ per month. Now It wants to upload 25GB once again, but there is not enough space, so it redirect me to upgrade my iCloud storage plan to 200GB. I do not want that. All I need is to turn iCloud Photo Library on my mac once again. Is it possible? How can I do that?

What does it mean?

enter image description here

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Had same problem, steps to start syncing again:

  1. open system preferences
  2. iCloud
  3. control...
  4. locate your Media data and click delete
  5. it will be marked as deleted and available for download during 30 days, free space will show all of your space
  6. go to Photos
  7. Settings...
  8. click [x] iCloud
  9. now it will turn on
  10. go back to System preferences
  11. iCloud
  12. Control...
  13. locate your Media data and click Cancel Delete
  14. be happy
  15. let me know if that helped ;)
  • Thx for reply, I will try this soon...:) Oct 6, 2015 at 12:34
  • In step 3 my button was labelled 'Manage' instead of 'control'; and doing this worked for me. Frustrating that it seems now to download/upload all images to compare rather than realising its the same library in some more sensible way! To be honest, it may be more efficient to delete local library and re-download.
    – Walton
    Apr 13, 2018 at 17:45

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