I would like to know if I can alphabetically sort albums in Photos.app. The iPhoto method for doing this did not work.


If you’re talking about sorting your list of albums alphabetically, go to ViewShow Sidebar or press ⌘ cmd ⌥ alt S. Then right-click Albums in your sidebar and choose SortBy Name.

Sort Albums By Name

If you’re asking about sorting the photos inside an album alphabetically, right-click that album in your sidebar and choose SortKeep Sorted By Title. Note that most photos won’t have a title, and Photos will next sort by date taken.

Keep Sorted By Title


Under the View menu, select Keep Sorted By Title to sort albums alphabetically.


Go to View > next select Albums > next click on any album to highlight it > next go back to view & select sort by title

  1. Go to View-->Albums.
  2. In the My Albums listing, highlight one album and then press Command-A to select all of the albums.
  3. Go back up to View and click Sort-->By Name.

All the highlighted albums will go into alphabetical order.

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