There used to be icons at the top showing who you recently texted or called when you double clicked the home button. But with iOS 9 update, it's no longer there. Is it gone forever or is now a setting that needs to be fixed?


That feature is no longer located in the App Switcher, but instead (on iPhone 5 and later) can be found when one swipes to the very left page of the home screen.


Yes..it HAS gone! Swiping from left to right produces a changing display of Siri 'suggestions' based on a fluctuating range of what has been most recently accessed. It does not keep your favourite numbers constant and accessible as before at the top of the screen. A bitter blow!!


That feature hasn't moved, it's gone. The new way requires getting to the home screen, swiping, tapping, then tapping again to call. Four steps whereas before it as double-click home button from anywhere, tap and go.

This is a de-enhancement and not a new feature. The OP got a how-to, but Asking Different would be "Why was a great feature made so bad."

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