I added a little bit of shell scripting to my prompt for fun. It alternates the colors of prompt items randomly. I did it purely because a gray screen gets boring after awhile. The following is my prompt in .bash-profile:

function next_hue
    color1=$((31 + (++color % 7)))   # set 31 to 30 for dark on light
    color1=$((31 + (++color % 7)))
    PS1="\n\e[0:${color}m[\W]\n\e[0:${color}m[\u]-> $reset" # set 1 to 0 for     dark on light

This alternates the color of my prompt. Yay!

The problem is that sometimes the shell will get "stuck." For instance, the shell is usually like this:


If I have recently run the docker run command, and I up-arrow into the history, `docker run gets stuck and I end up with this:

[username]->docker run

If I add a new command it stacks on docker run:

[username]->docker runcd /some/path

I have to use ctrl-c or some other such option, and I can't use the docker-run command again unless I type it all out. WHat could be causing this error? I have looked over my prompt quite a bit and I think it is okay, but it was confusing to figure out in the first place.

  • Where do you call next_hue from?
    – nohillside
    Sep 26, 2015 at 6:02
  • I don't think it is related to your prompt. More likely there is something weird in your ~/.inputrc messing with the command history.
    – jmhindle
    Nov 24, 2015 at 20:54

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You're not escaping the non-printing characters in your prompt. See this article, and use "\[" and "\]" around the colors, something like this (untested) for example...

PS1="\n\e[0:\[${color}\]m[\W]\n\e[0:\[${color}\]m[\u]-> $reset"

You may need to tweek that. Like I said, this is untested so I may have inserted a "\]" in the middle of a colour code. For my prompt I do the escaping when I initialise the colour variables:

PS1_FG="\[$(tput setaf 223)\]"  # Prompt foreground colour (223 = pale orange/brown)

For what it's worth, I can highly recommend using tput when you're dealing with control codes. It makes your scripts more portable, and (IMHO) is easier to read.

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