I have installed a app with a different ID/Store, but is not longer in my system. However, the Appstore still insist in update it, yet is not in purchased list. The error in spanish say:

La actualización no está disponible con este ID de Apple

Esta actualización no está disponible para este ID de Apple; puede que la comprase un usuario distinto o que se haya reembolsado o cancelado el artículo.

Is say the update is not available with this ID (and I have tried both: I don't have use any other in my system, ever).

The appstore bother me with the updating of it all the time, still can't be neither reinstalled or ignored...

What I can do?

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Try this.

  1. Quit App Store
  2. Use Activity Monitor to quit the following processes
    • storeaccountd
    • storeassetd
    • storedownloadd
    • storeinappd
  3. On Terminal delete the following folders:
    • /Users/jj/Library/Caches/storeaccountd
    • /Users/jj/Library/Caches/storeassetd
    • /Users/jj/Library/Caches/storedownloadd
    • /Users/jj/Library/Caches/storeinappd
  4. Restart app store and download!
  • This not work. Still showup the update in the AppStore.
    – mamcx
    Sep 26, 2015 at 2:06

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