I want to test beta app with different devices, but when I open app from mail in TestFlight and try to start it refuse and shows "The invite has already been used". Any workaround?

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  • You should just be able to log into the same account on both TestFlight apps. The apps should appear. – At0mic Sep 24 '15 at 14:14
  • Open Testflight.app on the second device. Connect-it to the same account as the one in the invitation. You should be able to download the app. – Larme Sep 25 '15 at 9:46
  • 1
    revoked and invited myself again from beta testing, this is how it works – János Sep 25 '15 at 11:45

As Janos said, In order to get an invitation code again, the hack is to remove that email account from being a tester and re-add him again. Apple will send him an email with a new redeem code.

Otherwise, Apple will send an email without a redeem code.

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