I know I can switch off auto-lock altogether, but actually I just want to prevent the screen from being locked when I am playing games.

  • Those games are able to be rendered in different orientation? I'm not sure I understand the question - You have auto-lock switched ON, but You want it to be OFF only when playing games? – Mateusz Szlosek Sep 23 '15 at 13:05

If the game maker didn't program the screen to not lock, you have to use Appleā€™s switch for the entire system. It's hard to imagine many games where you don't touch the screen once every 5 minutes, but if so, request the game developer to add a switch or setting at overrides the system default for their game.

Settings App > General > Auto Lock

Then you can choose between

- 1 Minute
- 2 Minutes
- 3 Minutes
- 4 Minutes
- 5 Minutes
- Never
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