In my bookmarks bar in Chrome I have a folder with bookmarks. If I click the folder I see the links in this folder. I don't want to open all links in this folder, but a few. On Windows I can simply ctrl+click any link in this folder and it will open that page in a new tab without closing the current folder so I can quickly click the next link. In Chrome on OSX once I click Cmd+link the page is opened in a new tab, but then it closes the Chrome foldermenu...is there a way to prevent that menu from closing?

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Although I hesitate to assert that there is no analogous function in Chrome on OS X, I can’t find one built in. However, there are some plugins that might help, such as the Mouse Gesture Extension and Shortcut Manager, although you will need to fiddle with these a bit to get the feature you want. I hope this helps.

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