I am a new BBEdit user, with a long experience as TextWrangler user. In TextWrangler, I am used at running python scripts with the command "Run in Terminal", and in TextWrangler the default behaviour is to save the file before sending it to the terminal.

I noticed that in BBEdit, v11.1.2, if I give the "Run in Terminal" command for an unsaved file, the "autosave" option is not there, so I end up sending the "temporary file" for execution, which is in a temporary folder, and things "go wrong" (the script is in the wrong directory, and I need to access relative folders paths).

I looked in the preferences, but I didn't find yet where to set as default to save before running the file.

I have also searched with google, but to no avail.

Is it a "hidden" preference, to be given in the command line?

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I have received the answer from BB's support:

though there is no longer a GUI option in BBEdit to control this behavior, you can make BBEdit always save a script before running it by issuing the following Terminal command (which you can copy & paste):

defaults write com.barebones.bbedit RunScriptPrefs_SaveBeforeRunning -bool YES

I have also tested it, and it works!


Contact Barebones, the developer's of BBEdit, about recreating this Text Wrangler behaviour in BBEdit.

Barebone's support is at [email protected]

They will be able to help.

BBEdit 11 Release Notes

The BBEdit 11 release notes mention the following:

The #! menu has been rearranged, and some behaviors for running #! scripts have been changed, as follows:

  • "Run…" has been changed to "Run with Options…". This brings up a dialog which lets you control what is done with the script output. The options to "Run in Debugger" and "Run in Terminal" have been removed, since you can do that explicitly from the #! menu itself (and scripts run that way don't get their output back into the application anyway).
  • Thank you @Graham Miln. Yes, I have sent a message to their support staff, and as soon as I receive a reply I will summarize it here. About their release note, even "Run with Options…" doesn't address my "problem": as it is now, if I just hit command-S to "Save", before the command-R I have associated to "Run in Terminal", everything works fine. My goal is to save a keystroke, and have the "Save" automatically added before the "Run" command.
    – Fabio
    Commented Sep 23, 2015 at 15:28

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