When I download music it automatically goes very quickly to iTunes before I can change the name of the download to just the song's name. How can I change the name so that it then changes in iTunes as well as the actual file without having to do it twice?

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If you're willing to do it using an app, there are a few apps that do it.

1-One is freeware and called "Tagger",

Here is what Tagger allows you to do, in terms of renaming options:

enter image description here

2-another app is called "Tune Instructor", which works as an iTunes plug-in (freeware too).

3-another one is called "Metadatics". This one is shareware (9$).

4-If you're good at more complex solutions, then maybe looking into [Applescript]5 would be a good idea.

5-Doug's free iTunes scripts also have iTunes applescripts to help you rename your files.

enter image description here

I didn't try the 2 and 3, but they're probably all good solutions. 5 is usually a very good source of scripts. Try them and chose what you like best!

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