I just messed up my partions on my harddisk.

The situation:

Installed windows 7 using bootcamp (NTFS). After that i wanted to ceate a shared partition, on wich both MAC OS and Windows can write. In windows 7 Disk Management i took 5 GB off the Bootcamp partion, and created a FAT32 partion from it.

Now when i boot only the windows partition is visible when i reboot (no macosx or restore) When i try to start windows it gives a short BSOD (acnt read t) and then reboots again.

I guess i should create some sort of bootable restore USB stick. Any ideas how to get me going again ....please....

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Hold down Command+R while booting it, and it should run Lion Recovery, either from your recovery partition if it still exists or directly over the Internet. See here for details.

  • Thanx didnt know this! I ended up creating a bootable USB drive and used TestDisk to recover the partition table. at least the MacOSx and the recovery disk work again.Only thing is i cant startup from the Bootcamp partition. Still working on that. Aug 7, 2011 at 19:01

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