GCC was apparently removed from the current Xcode, here. I would like to find a standard way to install Haskell to OSX. Not a custom way.

Brew's packages

  • haskell-stack
  • homebrew/emacs/haskell-mode Caskroom/cask/haskell-platform

Cabal may be one solution.

How can you install Haskell in OSX?

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Haskell Stack is a good option as well. For marketing purposes: Features include automatic installation of packages and separately installed and isolated GHC. Installable from Homebrew with brew install haskell-stack.


Package managers like home-brew and macports will provide Haskell

There are separate Haskell releases

There are various ones in the App Store (found by google so I may have missed some)

  • Haskell for Mac in the App Store - for £15 -includes and IDE
  • Haskell Platform - Open Source also available for Windows and Linux - there is an old version in macports

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