So someone stole my mac and I just got a new used one and am setting it up and I can't figure out how to get it back to the way I used to have it.

The way it was before, I was a user with no password-- I didn't have to login when the mac started. But whenever I wanted to make significant changes, like installations or settings adjustments, I would have to give credentials.

How do I get back to that? Is it simply a matter of having a normal account and an admin account, and only using the normal account for day-to-day things? I never deliberately made two separate accounts on the previous computer.

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The best way to solve this is to have one user who is an Admin and has a password.

In System Preferences navigate to Users & Groups.

  • Ensure you only have one active user.
  • Ensure that user has a password.

Note: You might need to click the Lock button to make changes.

users and groups

Then click Back in System Preferences. Navigate to Security & Privacy. Click the Lock button to make changes. Uncheck all three checkboxes:

security and privacy

Now you will be able to turn on the computer without logging in. OS X will launch directly to the desktop. If you need to perform a Administrator level operation like using sudo in Terminal, you will be prompted for the password. Magic! :)

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