In Safari Preferences, Google is my Default Search Engine; New Windows and New Tabs are set to Homepage.

However, recently whenever I Google something, I click on my choice and I end up on Yahoo Search. Sometimes I get search.epolife.com.

This is very frustrating, I do not want to go to a new search of Yahoo, I like my Google. How can I regain control of Safari?


I found my answer in this YouTube video: how to get rid of searchbar redirect in safari.

In Safari's Preferences, select Extensions. There was the epolife. I deleted the epolife extension, quit and relaunched Safari and came back in. After that I no longer have this problem.

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If you managed to get such an extension installed into Safari accidentally, you are also likely to have other malware on your Mac. Get a good malware removal tool to check your whole Mac (Malwarebytes, for instance).


Latest version of Safari had the same problem. When I looked at installed extensions, I found one called "Smart Search" that I had never installed. I uninstalled it, and BINGO...Yahoo gone! possibly a Malware from somewhere.


The culprit on my Mac was the extension, AnySearch 1.2.3. I When to Safari > Preferences > Extensions and uninstalled it. Now, I'm back to Google.


I was having the same problem. My search bar was set to Google. I couldn’t figure out the problem until:

  • go to your Safari Preferences
  • click “Extensions”
  • if there is an extension named “Search It!” or anything else that you didn’t sign up for in there, delete it!

Hopefully this is helpful

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