I can share my iPad's internet connection using Bluetooth to my Macbook Pro and my Android phone but my iPad and iPhone does not even seem to see each other when I try to pair them. I am abroad at the moment and have put a local SIM in my iPad and want to share the connection. Is this even possible? I can go iPad <-- BT --> some other device <-- WiFi --> iPhone but it feels stupid and is a waste of battery for no use at all!

  • Are you not able to use the iPad as a mobile hotspot? In that situation, just share the connection over WiFi instead of bluetooth.
    – smoooosher
    Sep 10, 2015 at 19:08
  • Yes, but that is waste of battery.
    – d-b
    Sep 11, 2015 at 8:45

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personal hotspot without WiFi

  1. Activate Personal Hotspot in Settings
  2. Disable WiFi

iOS and OS X devices will use Bluetooth when possible over WiFi, so no need for the above.

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