When I paired my Apple Watch with my iPhone it asked for me to login to my Apple ID.

first Apple ID login prompt

Later while configuring Messages on the watch it asks for my password again.

second Apple ID login prompt for old Apple ID

However, the Apple ID in each is different, none of my current or previous Apple ID passwords succeeds at this prompt, and I am forced to hit Cancel to proceed.

Several months ago I changed my Apple ID from cory@coryklein.com to coryfklein@gmail.com and I assume Apple has retained the older ID somewhere in association with Messages.

Messages on my MacBook is using the correct ID.

messages app configuration on computer

My iPhone is using the correct ID as well.

apple id on iPhone

Unfortunately, this appears to be causing the Messages app on the Watch not to sync with my phone. I can't send or receive messages on my Watch.

Has anybody else encountered this and succeeded in resolving it?

I don't have Two-Factor authentication enabled on my Apple ID, but I have started the process and am waiting the mandatory 3-day period for it to activate.

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Login with your Apple ID at Settings > Messages > Send & Receive > Apple ID

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