I rented the documentary movie Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine a few hours ago, and was able to watch it on iTunes on the Mac. When I tried to watch it on iPad, I do not see a Rental tab in the Videos app.

According to this page: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201611 this should be the way to do it:

enter image description here

But the 2nd line says: find the movie "on the device you used to rent it"... so does that mean if I use my Macbook to rent it, I can't view it on my iPad?

I can find it in iTunes store on the iPad, and if I tap rent, it will ask me if I want to pay $6.99 to rent it again.

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From the same support document:

If you rented the movie on your computer, but want to watch it on an iOS device, connect the devices and sync using USB. When you move a rented movie from your computer, it will disappear from your computer’s iTunes library. You can move the movie between devices as often as you want, but you can only have it on one device at a time.

If you rented the movie on your iOS device or Apple TV, you can’t move it to any other device.

To watch an HD movie, you need to play it on a supported device: your computer, iPhone 4 or later, iPad, iPod touch (4th generation or later), or TV using Apple TV.

  • I suppose if I buy it, then I can watch it on any of my authorized devices, versus if I rent it, then it is a different set of rules. I really just wanted to see how the resolution is on iPad... Sep 6, 2015 at 14:49

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